Unemployed Greg Hardy Trying to Rehabilitate Public Image with Warm Fuzzy Twitter Photos (Pics)

unemployed greg hardy trying to rehabilitate public image

All last year, Greg Hardy remained defiant in the face of his critics. Despite the fact that he was convicted of beating up his girlfriend, and despite the fact this his conviction was only overturned on appeal because his victim refused to testify again, and despite the fact that we’ve all seen the photos of what he did to her, Hardy refused to admit he did anything wrong or ask for forgiveness. And he also refused to keep a low profile by toning down his partying, which caused nothing but headaches for the Cowboys coaching staff.

As a result of all this, Greg Hardy is currently unemployed, and the vast majority of NFL fans couldn’t be happier. But now it looks like somebody has finally convinced Hardy it may be time to try a different approach.

Remember when his Twitter page looked like this?

greg hardy twitter profile
Well, his handle is no longer @OverlordKraken. Now it’s just @GregHardyJr. And instead of menacing photos of himself on the gridiron, he’s got pictures of himself with adorable little kids. You know, because kids love him. Because he’s such a great guy.

Take a look:

greg hardy twitter

It’s a real redemption story, isn’t it? Looking at his Twitter, you’d never even know Greg Hardy is a violent piece of garbage who treats women like property!

Hat Tip – [Pro Football Talk]

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