Pro Football Talk-J.J. Watt Twitter Feud Erupts After Watt Posts Harmless Photo in Support of US Men’s Soccer Team (Tweet)

pro football talk-j.j. watt twitter feud

Over the last year, a lot of people on the internet have started to get pretty sick of Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt. But nobody despises the defensive end as much as Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who has made it his mission to convince every football fan in America—excuse me, ‘Merka—that Watt is nothing but a self-aggrandizing phoney.

Florio’s latest attack came on Tuesday. J.J. Watt posted this tweet prior to the USMNT’s semifinal matchup against Argentina:

Florio just couldn’t handle that, so he fired off this sarcastic reponse:

Now, even if you can’t stand J.J. Watt, you have to admit his USMNT tweet was pretty innocuous, and that Florio’s response was a bit much.

What did Watt think? He wasn’t about to let it go:

But Florio fired back:

Then, after J.J. Watt wisely decided not to continue the pointless Twitter feud, Florio got in one more shot:

Congratulations, Mike Florio. Now the internet is talking about you! You’ve done exactly the same thing you accuse J.J. Watt of doing.

Look, does J.J. Watt sometimes take himself too seriously? Yes. Is he an epic humblebragger? Yes. Is he really good at self-promotion? Yes. Does his constant stream of tweets expressing support for firefighters, police, and military seem like an attempt to ingratiate himself as the wholesome boy next door to sixty-something-year-old white people? Yes. But that doesn’t make him a bad person. Greg Hardy? He’s a bad person. At worst, J.J. Watt is just annoying. And if you don’t like him you can just ignore him.

Strangely enough, a lot of Florio’s hard feelings toward J.J. Watt seem to stem from the fact that guys like Cam Newton get treated unfairly and could never get away with the stuff Watt gets away with. (Seriously. Read this.) And this is a very good observation. But it’s not a reason to dislike Watt, a guy who has publicly defended Cam Newton and subtly pointed out the double standards:

Mike Florio probably just needs to chill out a little bit.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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