Bill Simmons’ New HBO Show Kicks Off With Epic (Probably Booze-Fueled) Ben Affleck Deflategate Rant (Video)

Ben Affleck Deflategate Rant

One of the main reasons for the acrimonious split between Bill Simmons and ESPN was that the world’s most powerful sports media empire wouldn’t let its top scribe criticize NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. It’s only fitting that Simmons would kick off his brand new show over at HBO by doing exactly what he couldn’t do at ESPN.

On Wednesday, Simmons dedicated a good five minutes of the inaugural episode of his new show, Any Given Wednesday, to ripping the NFL. And he didn’t do it alone. Simmons brought in his celebrity pal and fellow Boston native Ben Affleck, who dropped f-bombs like they were going out of style during a five-minute rant against Roger Goodell and the National Football League.

Take a look:

Twitter? Oh you know Twitter loved that shit:

I agree with those last two tweets. I thoroughly enjoyed Affleck’s deflategate rant. He is a shockingly articulate drunk, and he made a lot of very good points—though the part about Tom Brady being “too f*cking classy” to turn over his phone definitely was not one of them.

Maybe HBO can give Ben Affleck a show, and he can just sit and drink and rant about stuff that pisses him off?

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