Charles Barkley Says LeBron Won’t Crack the All-Time Top 5 (Video)

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Bill Simmons’ new HBO show, Any Given Wednesday, premiered last night.  And to make a big debut, Simmons brought on the always-opinionated Charles Barkley, who stated that LeBron James just isn’t great enough to be in the top 5 NBA players of all-time.

Controversial opinion? Yeah, maybe. Not insane, but probably unpopular.

Here it is:

And in case you’d rather read, Barkley’s top five consists of:

1. MJ
2. Oscar Robertson
3. Bill Russell
4. Kareem
5. Wilt
6. Kobe
7. Tim Duncan

Ok, so Chuck’s top 5 is actually a top 7. He said that he would put LeBron in the top ten along with Magic and Larry Bird.

Not bad company for LeBron, but the placement is likely to ruffle some Cavs fans’ feathers. But the good news is that if he wins a couple more titles, Barkley might be okay with moving him up the list.

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