Watch Drunken Irish Soccer Fans at Euro 2016 Fix the Huge Dent They Put in Somebody’s Car (Video)

drunken irish soccer fans shove money in car to pay for dent 2

Yesterday I proclaimed the Northern Irish the best fans at Euro 2016 based on their brilliant performance of “Will Griggs’ On Fire” at the Northern Ireland-Germany game. But it’s clear now that I spoke too soon. Today we have video of fans from the Republic of Ireland trying to fix a car they dented while partying, and it’s absolutely amazing.

While celebrating their team’s huge 1-0 win over Italy on Wednesday that sent them into the knockout stage of the tournament, somebody with a drum got up on top of a car parked on the street to lead a hoard of drunken Irish soccer fans in some singing. Unfortunately, that person ended up leaving a huge dent on top of the car.

What did the Irish fans do? Well, first they started cramming money into the door to pay for the damage, which is incredible. Then a couple of dudes with experience fixing dents in cars came along and directed the crowd in pounding out the dent.

Take a look:

Just to drive the point home, here’s another video of Irish fans picking up garbage after another raucous street party:

And here’s one of Irish soccer fans fixing an elderly French couple’s flat tire:

That’s the most considerate, socially responsible drunken mob I’ve ever seen. You gotta love the Irish.

As for the question of who has the best fans at Euro 2016, I guess we’ll have to call it a tie between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. If that’s not a compelling case for reunification, I don’t know what is.

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]

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