Euro 2016: French Police Purse Thief Right Behind Italian Sports Reporter on Live TV (Video)

italian sports reporter police chase euro 2016

Sports reporters are pretty used to having live reports interrupted by idiot fans who have usually had a little too much to drink. However, on Wednesday, Italian sports reporter Angelo Mangiante of Sky Italia had his report interrupted by a police chase.

Magniante was doing a report on Euro 2016 live from Paris when, all of a sudden, you see a guy carrying a purse or backpack come sprinting into the background with a police officer in hot pursuit. The two then pass right behind the reporter, followed by another police officer. At that point Magniante ditches his report and turns his attention to the chase, surmising that the police were chasing a pickpocket (“uno scioppo”) and informing the audience at home that, yes, the police did get their man.

Take a look:

There’s no way to be sure, but I’m going to guess Angelo Mangiante would rather watch police arrest a pickpocket than get molested by an inflatable banana any day.

Hats off to the French police, too. That guy was really moving.

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