Knicks Welcome Derrick Rose to New York with Savage Video of Rose Torching the Guys He Just Got Traded For (Video)

knicks welcome derrick rose with mixtape of rose torching knicks

On Wednesday afternoon the New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls finalized a blockbuster five-player trade that sent former MVP Derrick Rose to New York in exchange for Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez, and Jerian Grant.

The Knicks are understandably excited about their new superstar, so it’s hardly surprising that they wasted little time putting together a Derrick Rose mixtape to welcome him to the Big Apple. What is a little surprising is that the video in question is basically just one minute of D-Rose torching all the dudes he was just traded for.

Take a look:

Damn, Knicks. I know you’re excited to have the most fragile knees in the NBA on your team, but that was a pretty savage sendoff for the guys you just sent to the Bulls. Show some class.

If I were Robin Lopez I’d make my own mixtape of Derrick Rose lying on the floor in agony, or limping off the court with the help of his teammates. Maybe throw in a shot of Rose’s doctors talking about his lack of cartilage.

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