Relive the Cavs’ Championship Run with this Awesome BdotAdot5 LeBron Impersonation (Video)

BdotAdot5 LeBron Impersonation

Charles Barkley may not think LeBron James is one of the five best NBA players of all time. But LeBron James does have three more rings than Charles Barkley, and that achievement alone is worthy of a new impersonation video from internet star Brandon Armstrong.

Better known as BdotAdot5, Brandon Armstrong is the world’s most foremost impersonator of basketball superstars. This week he paid tribute to LeBron’s latest and greatest championship run with a brand new video, and he absolutely nails it. BdotAdot5 gets the facial expressions, the dribbling, the dunking, the play calling, the flopping, the way LeBron fidgets with his jersey and puts his hands to his face like he’s coughing, the way he runs back down the court after a bucket. He even nails LeBron’s pre-game fashion show.

The only thing missing is LeBron crying. But nobody’s perfect.

Take a look:

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