NBA Draftee Brice Johnson Gets Trim from Supercuts before Draft, Internet Reacts Hilariously (Tweets)

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Even though the players to be picked in the NBA Draft are in line for millions of dollars, they don’t have that money YET. So it’s pretty unreasonable to think that they’d be in $3,000 suits wearing tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry before they actually got paid.

With all that being said, it’s probably not strange that Brice Johnson actually got his haircut at Supercuts, but rather that he tweeted it, and they tweeted it, and the whole thing smacked of lame product placement and self-promotion. Take a look:

And then there’s this:

Supercuts has 7,700 followers. I can’t tell if that’s a lot or a little.

Anyway, good job gettin’ paid early, Brice!

(The internet didn’t agree.)

Johnson responded with whatever the hell this is:

Hat Tip – [BroBible]