CFL Fan Invades Field, Eludes Security, Gets Clocked by Player (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.17.21 AM

The Toronto Argonauts kicked off their season last night, hosting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The game was as exciting as a CFL season opener could be, but the real high point(s) came when not one, but two separate fans invaded the field at different times.

The first guy ran out on the field without much of a plan, just sorta lookin’ around before meeting up with security to take a stroll off the pitch and possibly into a jail cell.

Here’s that guy:

Nice enough, right? The second guy, for whatever reason, didn’t get the same kind of treatment. In fact, his stint as the center of attention was cut short by…a player.

Maybe all that flashy “running” was what fueled the ire of the player who did him in.

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