President Obama Tells Tyronn Lue to Make J.R. Smith Put on a Damn Shirt (Video)


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President Obama called Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue this week to congratulate him on winning Cleveland’s first pro sports championship in 52 years. That in itself isn’t all that interesting. It’s customary now for Presidents to call to congratulate pro sports teams on winning championships. However, this call was particularly amusing for two reasons.

First, Lue seemed a little starstruck and basically treated the call like a post-game interview with Doris Burke, making sure to mention everyone in the organization by first and last name.

Second, at the very end, right when you think Obama is about to hang up, he comes back and tells Lue to “tell J.R. and everybody” to put on a shirt, because “you can’t just be walking around without a shirt.”

Take a look:

Say what you want about the man’s politics. I still say Obama is the coolest president America has ever had. (Though I gotta give an honorable mention to Teddy Roosevelt and his boss moustache.)

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