Colin Cowherd To LeBron Haters: “You Were Wrong & He Was Right” (Video)

LeBron Trash-Talk Curry

I’ve always said Michael Jordan and past athletes are lucky to have never played in the social media era, because they would be nowhere as loved as they are today. It doesn’t matter how good you are and how perfect you seem to be, there will be millions of sports fans who just don’t like you for whatever reason they can think of that day. Logic has no place in their arguments.

Fox Sports Colin Cowherd, whose opinion of LeBron James changes like the wind, took to his show ‘The Herd’ to give Lebron James’ haters a message:

“..You didn’t hate him in Cleveland. You were indifferent or you loved him, but you know what you gotta admit today if you’re a Lebron Hater. You were wrong and he was right. He couldn’t win in Cleveland, because there were no good players. Proven, when he left, they were the worst team in the league.”

“Michael Jordan couldn’t win in the NBA with no help. He had Pippen, Rodman, Ker, Kukoc, Phil Jackson, legit centers. LeBron left Cleveland, you burn his jersey. You were wrong. You became awful, he went to Miami where you said he couldn’t win a title and he did. He went back to Cleveland, you were mad at him in Miami, won a title there and you’re not near as good.”

“You just have to own it if you’re a LeBron hater: He’s smarter than you and he’s right.”


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