Eyewitnesses Have Said Jaguars LB Dan Skuta Never Hit A Woman & Her Entire Story Is Made Up


On June 19th in Orlando, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta was arrested after a woman said he assaulted her and threw her through a window when she refused to give him her number.

According to his lawyer and eyewitnesses who saw the entire scuffle go down, none of what the lady said was even remotely true. Skuta’s lawyer, Mark NeJame, told TMZ the allegations are made up and he has the witnesses to prove it.

“Eyewitnesses who we have already received statements from in our initial investigation will attest that Dan was alongside his girlfriend when this fabricated event supposedly took place,” NeJame said.

Skuta says, via NeJame, that the accuser and another female were harassing him and the group he was with.

“Dan was then struck in the face by one of the women, as is evidenced by his mugshot which clearly shows where he was struck,” NeJame said.

If you look at Skuta’s mugshot, you can see where he was struck just below his right eye.

“Dan never placed his hands on anyone,” NeJame said.


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