Germany Coach Joachim Löw Caught Sniffing His Armpits at Euro 2016 (Video)

germany coach joachim low sniffing armpits

You are not going to believe this, internet, but Joachim Löw has done it again. The coach of the German national soccer team—hands down the best soccer team in the world—cannot stop sticking his hand into his various bodily crevices and then smelling it.

Earlier in Euro 2016, cameras caught Löw shoving his hand down the front of his pants, then removing said hand and smelling it. Then cameras caught him doing the same thing to the back of his pants, which is obviously way worse. But this was not the first time Löw had been caught being disgusting on camera. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup the dude was seen picking his nose and eating it.

What has Joachim Löw been caught doing now? During Sunday’s 3-0 drubbing of Slovakia in the Round of 16 a Euro 2016, Löw was caught sticking his fingers in his armpit and giving them a good, long sniff.

See for yourself:

Sweet Jesus, what’s next? Clipping his toenails? Making sculptures out of his ear wax? Germany likely has three more games to go in this tournament. Somebody put a pair of fluffy mittens on this guy already.

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