James Harrison Is Not on Board With the NFL Investigating Him for PEDs

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Last December, Al Jazeera US ran a story that implicated players such as James Harrison, Clay Matthews, and Julius Peppers in a PED scandal involving human growth hormone.

Not much has become of the story since then, and that might be due to the fact that James Harrison isn’t going out of his way to schedule an interview to discuss the matter with the league.

The NFL recently sent him a letter saying that he was required to meet with them as part of their investigation. Harrison isn’t buying it, and posted the letter to Instagram:

@nflcommish @nfl When you say “jump,” I don’t ask how high…I ask “Why?”

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He then posted the NFLPA’s response, wondering what evidence the league has besides the report of the now-defunct Al Jazeera US:

We’ll see if he can win this war of attrition against the NFL.

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