Religious Fan Preaches To Colin Kaepernick That He’s Just As Great As Cam Newton (Video)

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This was really an awkward exchange between a religious San Fransisco 49ers fan (I think) and 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. Kap looked extremely unconformable as this fan preaches about how he was just as great as Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, all while some other fans off camera yell that he was actually greater.

TMZ has the details on what happened:

“Bizarre video of Colin Kaepernick … who was cornered at an L.A. hotel on Friday and interrogated by some overzealous fans — who forced the 49ers QB to compare himself toCam Newton.

Kaep was strollin’ through the Ritz-Carlton in shorts and a t-shirt when he was stopped by fans asking for some selfies. One of the fans launched into a quasi-pep talk — it turned weird.

The fans INSIST Kaep is as great as Cam. Colin’s response — “We ain’t the same person.”

Seriously, this was awkward as hell. The fan really wants Kaepernick to believe he’s better than Cam Newton. Just watch below:

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