Celebrate J.R. Smith’s Shirtless Summer with a Shirtless J.R. Smith T-Shirt (Tweet)


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Every group of friends has that one guy who always seems to end up shirtless at every party.

On the Cleveland Cavaliers, that guy is J.R. Smith. When the Cavaliers won their first ever NBA Championship last week, Smith managed to keep his shirt on for his moving post-game press conference. But he did not have one on when the Cavaliers team plane landed back in Cleveland the following day. And he did not have one on during the team’s championship parade through downtown Cleveland the day after that.

Ever since then people have been talking about J.R. Smith’s shirtless summer. And unlike President Obama, a lot of Cavaliers fans would like to see J.R.’s shirtless summer go on forever.

Now, if the folks at Fresh Brewed Tees can get the licensing figured out, that may happen.

Check this out:

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a shirtless J.R. Smith t-shirt. It is not actually available for purchase. But let’s hope it will be soon. The world needs tens of thousands of shirtless J.R. Smiths roaming the streets.

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