Goofy Cavs Fan Injures Himself While Celebrating Their Championship (Video)

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We don’t know much about this guy in the video, aside from the fact that his name is Bruce, he watches sports on his outdoor TV, he has kids, and when he gets excited, he halfheartedly tosses stuff around his house.

Okay, so we know quite a bit about Bruce. And we learned even more when he twisted his ankle celebrating after the Cavs ran out the clock on the Warriors in the NBA Finals. He’ll be in a walking boot for six weeks, which is unfortunate, but a risk you run when doing sharp lateral movements in flip flops.

Here’s a look at Bruce’s painful celebration:

And here’s a pic of his foot after the tumble:



Next time Cleveland does something great (in 50 years or so) can we get Bruce a little more ankle support? No one should get this badly hurt while celebrating.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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