Guy On Same Flight As Manziel & Josh Gordon Says They Both Smell Like Weed

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This is utterly shocking if true….

Okay, no it’s not.  In fact, at this point we’ve come to expect Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel and suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon to do stupid things on their own. And when they’re together, it gets that much worse.

On a flight headed to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, a guy that was on the same flight sent photos to friends of Manziel taking pictures with fans while wearing Josh Gordon’s jersey. Seems innocent enough until the guy tweeted that Josh Gordon is also on the plane and both of them reek of Marijuana.


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Josh Gordon being on that flight seems like it’s made up. I highly doubt that no one on the flight snapped a photo of Gordon.

For now, it seems as if Manziel is just headed to Mexico by himself, probably for a religious retreat and nothing else.

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