Miami Hotel Says Ravens’ Terrance West At Fault For Being Robbed Twice In One Day

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

Back in February, Baltimore Ravens running back Terrance West was robbed twice on the same day at a Miami Beach hotel.

This is how it went down according to Terrance West:

“West says on Feb. 27th, 2 women approached the NFL star and eventually agreed to meet up later that day. However, one of the women went to the front desk and asked for a key to his suit – without his approval – and the attendant gave the woman a key.
The lawsuit claimed that the hotel had a bellman escort the women to the suit – where they stole 2 Rolex watches that belonged to Terrance and his friend — once Terrance realized he went to the front desk and filed a police report.
Then an hour later, West claimed that someone knocked on his hotel door and he opened it thinking it was going to be the cops.
After he opened the door, he noticed it was an unknown man – who appeared to be holding a gun – and then the man forced his way into Terrance’s room and threatened his life by demanding cash and valuable property. The man allegedly made off with $5k in cash, Louboutin shoes and many other expensive items.”
Now the Hotel owners are firing back, stating the Baltimore Ravens running back made himself a target and it’s his own fault for being robbed twice in one day.
Via TheJasmineBrand: exclusively reports, Baltimore Ravens RB Terrance West is solely to blame for being robbed TWICE in ONE DAY and having $5k cash, Louboutin’s and other expensive items stolen while staying at a Miami hotel — so says the owner of the hotel and they are demanding the NFL stars entire lawsuit be thrown out and he be awarded NOTHING.
Then recently, the hotel owners headed to court and blasted the NFL star’s lawsuit demanding they pay up for his stolen items.The company explains it was not their responsibility to make sure he didn’t get robbed while staying in their hotel.

They blame Terrance for opening his hotel room door and essentially inviting the man – who ended up stealing thousands from the NFL star – and it’s entirely his fault for giving the robber access to his room by letting him in.

South Beach Group Hotels is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out and Terrance be awarded nothing from his complaint.”

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