Russell Westbrook Wants to Play For Barack Obama’s NBA Team (Video)

russell westbrook wants to play on obama's nba team

Last week, White House press secretary Josh Earnest stirred up some headlines when he said that President Obama has “discussed” the possibility of one day owning an NBA team.

The comments came during a discussion with members of the media about what the First Fan plans to do when his second term is up. Earnest said that the President would “potentially” be interested in becoming an NBA owner “under the right circumstances.”

The news does not come as a huge shock. Obama is the biggest basketball fan to ever occupy the White House. The guy has invited college basketball teams to the White House to shoot hoops, and he fills out an official Presidential March Madness bracket every year on ESPN.

Of course, Obama also brought up the possibility of owning an NBA team back in November in an interview with GQ, but people just thought it was idle talk. Now that it’s been mentioned again, people are taking it more seriously.

Obama doesn’t have nearly enough money to own an NBA team outright, of course. But he does have enough to buy a minority share. And the value he’d bring to any franchise would be enormous.

I’m not just talking about PR, either. Obama could actually be a magnet for superstar players. Just take a look at what Russell Westbrook had to say:

You hear that, Oklahoma City? If you want to keep KD and Westbrook together, you just have to bring in Obama as a minority partner.

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