Twitter User Gets Blocked By Ayesha Curry For Asking Her to Sign Cookbook as “Mrs. Irving”

A few days ago, Stephen Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry, took to Twitter to call out anybody and everybody who is disrespecting her family using photoshop to put other NBA players in their family photos.


Let’s just say it didn’t go how she thought it would. She was trolled with even more photos and it doesn’t matter what she posts on Twitter, trolls continue to troll her daily.  

One Cleveland Cavaliers fan took it a step further by trolling Ayesha Curry even harder. Rather than just send Ayesha a bunch memes or gifs, @_Jimbo_Slice_79 asked her if she could sign his cookbook:


To his surprise, she actually responded by jumping in his DM’s and telling him where he could send the cookbook. She was excited until he replied that he wanted her to sign the book as Mrs. Kyrie Irving:


Yep, and he got blocked immediately.


Cold blooded.


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