First Take Features All-Female Panel, and Social Media Lost Their Minds


For years, when you tuned into ESPN’s First Take, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Stephen A. Smith was going to be yelling about something and the now departed Skip Bayless would say something outrageous and be 100% wrong about it.

On Wednesday, ESPN decided to feature an all-female panel for First Take, and people on social media did not like it one bit.

Starting with their YouTube page, this video currently has more dislikes than likes:

..and the comments:

Jimmy6700 “When the hell did First Take start recording in the kitchen?! “
Lord Bones “What the f*ck are these bytches talkin about? Biatch #1 – Lost me at “It’s not cool to see 2 college kids wanna play together” unlike what “Golden State are doing because they’re a super team”… Ahh, weren’t Wade & Bron a Super Team? 4 Straight years to the Finals together!”
Self Made Trillin “All women…this show is officially f*cked”
Sabelo Masemola “Oh hell naaaw, I’m going to Cowherd’s podcast, WTF is this.”


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