Gross: 53 Year-Old Lenny Dykstra Tells Howard Stern He’s Working as a Gigolo (Video)

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For the past two decades or so since his retirement, Lenny Dykstra has managed to keep his name somewhat relevant by being implicated in one shady business practice or scam after another. But he seems to be raising the bar even by his own warped standards with his newest endeavor—he suggested to Howard Stern that he was working as a gigolo for several older women.

It’s pretty disgusting news across all fronts.

Here’s the audio:

Dykstra says he’s a “paid companion” for several older women, including an 80-year-old who just wants to “stick her f****** tongue down my throat.”

This would be a fitting end for Dykstra, but chances are he’ll fall even farther over the next 20 years or so until he’s dealing weapons to warlords or something.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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