Colin Cowherd: Max Kellerman Leaving SportsNation, Replacing Skip Bayless on ‘First Take,’ Michelle Beadle Pissed (Video)

Max Kellerman leaving SportsNation Michelle Beadle unhappy

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If Colin Cowherd is to be believed, ESPN has found its replacement for Skip Bayless. Max Kellerman will leave Michelle Beadle and SportsNation to sit across from Stephen A. Smith on First Take.

Cowherd of course has not worked for ESPN since last July, and his departure was not amicable after the network suspended him for insensitive remarks about the academic prowess of Dominican baseball players. However, Cowherd is friends with Beadle, having worked with her for years on SportsNation. And he is presumably still friends with other former ESPN colleagues as well.

On Wednesday, while chatting with viewers on Periscope, Cowherd called Kellerman’s move from SportsNation to First Take a “done deal.”

“Michelle Beadle’s a friend,” Cowherd said. “Max Kellerman’s leaving that show, he’s gonna be on First Take. Yeah, it’s a done deal. Well, pretty much. Beadle likes Kellerman. That’s not gonna play well for Beadle.

“She’ll be upset,” he continued, speculating about the fallout from the move. “These blogs don’t know what’s going on. This stuff’s all done… They’re like $100,000 apart in negotiations. He’s leaving SportsNation and Michelle Beadle’s pissed off.”

If Cowherd is right, it’s certainly not hard to understand why Beadle would be pissed. For one thing she likes Kellerman and has developed good chemistry since she returned to ESPN from Fox Sports. Now she’ll have to start over with somebody else. Plus, the move suggests ESPN values First Take more than SportsNation.

Of course, ESPN has not confirmed any of this yet. So we’ll see what happens.

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