Iggy Azalea Explains Break-Up With Nick Young: Claims She Never Knew About Pregnant Baby Mama

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Yesterday, rumors were circulating that Nick Young had, once again, impregnated his baby mama, which sent his girlfriend, a distraught Iggy Azalea, packing. We’re not sure if Young DID in fact knock up his baby mama again while dating Azalea, but regardless, that’s not the reason that she claims she broke up with the LA Laker.

She took to Twitter to set the record (kinda) straight:

Soo…if this is true, and I don’t see any reason to doubt her at this point, the real reason is no less awful than the originally reported reason. And it’s still entirely possible the knocked up claims are true, though they seem to be moot in light of Iggy’s tweets.

She’s clearly put up with a lot from the one they call Swaggy P, and it’s easy to see why she walked away (again) this time.

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