Johnny Manziel Spotted in Cabo Smoking a Joint(?), Partying With Playboy Model (Pics)

Johnny Manziel said he is ready to clean up his act and begin his NFL comeback beginning on July 1st.  But before that day comes, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback appears content on making the most of his final days as a drug abuser/woman abuser/alcoholic/party animal.

Johnny’s enjoying the rockstar lifestyle for the last time in the Mexican city of Los Cabos, where he was spotted smoking a joint on the beach and partying with a Playboy model.

Here’s the former Heisman Trophy winner puffing on something that definitely doesn’t look like a cigarette—while wearing a Josh Gordon jersey, appropriately enough:

And here’s a look at Playboy model Daisy Lea enjoying a soak in the pool at Johnny’s villa in Cabo:

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The photo of Johnny Manziel smoking a joint couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he had just finished telling TMZ he is not doing drugs on the trip after an unknown female he’s partying with Snapchatted a handful of cocaine.  Oh, and we should also mention that Manziel was suspended four games by the NFL earlier today for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

So, yeah, smoking weed on the beach probably wasn’t a great idea.

What IS a great idea, however, is partying with Daisy Lea.  Here’s a video of her enjoying their place in Cabo:

And here are more photos of Daisy (via her Instagram account):

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