Michael Jordan Wears a Helmet While Jet Skiing, Because Safety First Amiright? (Pics)

michael jordan wears a helmet while jet skiing

Most people don’t wear helmets when they go jet skiing. But Michael Jordan does.

Jordan is on vacation in Italy this week, and some paparazzi snapped some pics of His Airness zipping around on a jet ski off the Italian coast…wearing a helmet.

Now, professional jet ski racers wear helmets. But recreational jet skiers do not. You know, because you’re on water.

Why the hell is MJ wearing a helmet? That’s a good question, internet! It could just be that, when you’re a living legend and a billionaire, you take your personal safety more seriously than us regular folk who have practically nothing to lose. It could also have something to do with the fact that he was jet skiing around cliffs and caves, which probably pose more of a concussion risk than the sandy bottom of whatever manmade lake you do your jet skiing on.

Whatever the reason, it’s still pretty funny. Take a look:

michael jordan wears a helmet while jet skiing in Italy

michael jordan wears a helmet while jet skiing off italian coast

michael jordan jet skiing with a helmet

Wanna be like Mike? Wear a helmet out on the lake this holiday weekend.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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