Old Footage Emerges of Triple H & a Referee Beating Up Fan Who Attacked Stone Cold (Video)


Who says wrestling isn’t real?

Video surfaced earlier this week showing Triple H and a referee beating the crap out of a random fan who jumped in the ring to attack “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The incident took place sometime during the late ’90s following a match between the two wrestlers in Germany, according to Wrestling Inc.

Steve Austin had discussed the incident on his podcast in 2013:

“I was just about to celebrate and somebody tackles me from behind and takes me down and starts punching me,” Austin recalled. Austin said that he thought it was a rib by one of the boys in the back, but it was a “rambunctious fan” that was cheering for Triple H and got upset.

“When you’re in the ring with a cat – and I was a babyface, Triple H was the heel – you’re always looking out for your guy’s back,” Austin said. “Triple H – stand up cat – he picked that dude up, slammed him and started punching his lights out!”

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