Side Chick Blasts Bears WR Deonte Thompson On His Wedding Day

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There’s literally nothing you can do anymore without it being blasted on social media. Long gone are the days of the quiet side chick who stuck to her role and kept her mouth shut. Social media has changed the game forever.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Deonte Thompson found that out the hard way after his side chick got extremely salty and decided to expose their relationship on his wedding day of all days.

So, Deonte Thompson’s sidechick took a slideshow of him and his girl of 10 years, recorded a conversation between them over it, and posted it on Instagram.



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She’s clearly hurt that he got married, despite what she says, as she continued to rub it in by posting more pics and vids:

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I ain’t sorry #JayAndD4Eternity

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#sorrynotSorry #JayAndD4Eternity #theresnoplacelikehome

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