Oklahoma City Thunder May Trade Westbrook If He Doesn’t Sign An Extension


Monday, Kevin Durant sent shock-waves through social media when he agreed to leave the Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Now, OKC has another issue to deal with. Their other superstar, Russell Westbrook, may leave next offseason, so trading him before that happens would be the smart thing to do.

“One option the team is considering is attempting to renegotiate and extend the contract of Westbrook before he can become a free agent after next season, sources told ESPN.

If Westbrook chooses not to extend his contract this summer, multiple league executives told ESPN they believe the Thunder will consider fielding trade offers for Westbrook.”

Hard to believe this Oklahoma City Thunder squad once had Harden, Durant, and Westbrook all on the same roster and still couldn’t deliver a ring.  And now all three of them may be gone by 2017.

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