Former Buffalo Bills OL Kyle Calloway Killed By Train


Former Hawkeyes standout Kyle Calloway, who was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2010 was killed Saturday when he was struck by a train.

TheGazette has the details on what happened:

“According to a release by the Tucson Police Department, Calloway was jogging westbound on and off railroad tracks east of South Rita Road and East Old Vail Road when he was struck from behind by a westbound train.

“That was what he did for exercise,” said Kyle’s father, Ed Calloway. “He liked to run and it had rained the day before and the area where he ran was muddy, and so he was going back and forth across the tracks to get out of the mud.

“The longer version is at our old house, the train on the right side of the tracks went east, and the train on the left tracks went west. Our presumption is this train was on the opposite side that he was used to so he got on to the side so the train would have been coming at him from the front. We think that he got confused because the train somehow had been slopped over and was going in a different direction that he was used to. We don’t know, we’re just assuming that’s what happened.”

Calloway played in 37 games for the Hawkeyes, but never officially touched an NFL field as he was released by the Bills before the start of the 2010 season, and released by the Baltimore Ravens in 2011 before the start of that season.

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