Joey Chestnut Eats 70 Hot Dogs to Reclaim Title at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest (Video)


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Congratulations, Joey Chestnut. With your victory at the 2016 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, you are once again officially the world’s most disgusting human.

Last year Chestnut, 32, saw his run of eight consecutive wins at the Fourth of July eating contest snapped by some guy named Matt Stonie. This year he made sure he did not lose again, reclaiming the Mustard Yellow International Belt by eating a record 70 hots dogs in 10 minutes. That’s 17 more than runner-up Stonie and one more than the previous Nathan’s record of 69.

It was a truly heroic performance. Here’s the video for those who aren’t squeamish and want to watch grown men shoving fistfuls of wieners into their mouths:

“Last year was rough,” Chestnut told the crowd of spectators wearing hot dog-shaped hats after the win. “This year was the best ever.”

Stonie finished in second place, having eaten a respectable 53 hot dogs in 10 minutes. After that the quality of competition really dropped off. The third place guy only ate 41 hots dogs. What a loser, right?

On the women’s side, Las Vegas native Miki Sudo, 30, polished off 38.5 hot dogs in 10 minutes to claim her third consecutive title. She consumed 4.5 more franks than previous three-time winner Sonya Thomas.

Happy birthday, America.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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