Lionel Messi and His Dad Found Guilty of Tax Fraud, Get 21-Month Suspended Sentence


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Lionel Messi and his father have been found guilty of tax evasion in Spain, and a court ruled that they both serve a 21-month suspended sentence, meaning the two likely won’t serve any jail time at all.

The court ruled that the father-son duo used Belize and Uruguay tax havens to avoid 4.1 million Euros in taxes due to the Spanish government.

Initially, the court had accepted that Messi had no knowledge of the schemes used to dodge taxes, but recently, Messi claimed that he had signed documents without reading them, and he had met with a notary about setting up businesses he didn’t really understand.

None of this should affect his participation on Barca, nor his non-participation on the Argentinian national team, which he abruptly quit last week after losing the Copa America finals to Chile in penalty kicks.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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