Police Increase Patrols Around Kevin Durant’s OKC Home (Video)

Coward Durant

Stay classy, OKC fans.

After news broke on Monday that former Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was bolting to sign with the Golden State Warriors, Thunder fans proceeded to lose their mind and play a dangerous game of ‘I can top that’.

It started with the usual burning of his jersey and shoes. Typical and done before. Then, a bunch of guys ranted and cried on video. Not too bad. Not to be outdone, a bunch of guys took AR’15’s, shotguns, & pistols and shot KD’s jersey to show their frustration. Crazy as hell. What did it was a guy actually went to Durant’s home to write coward on a ‘for sale’ sign and drop off his jerseys that he didn’t want anymore. Unbelievable.

That was enough for local Oklahoma City police to increase patrols around his home to stop anybody else from taking it to the next level.

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