Wimbledon Spectator Claims Doubles Player Pablo Cuevas Peed Into Ball Can During Match


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In professional tennis there are rules for just about everything, from what you can wear on court, to how long you can rest in between games, to who players are and are not allowed to talk to during a match, to when and how often you are allowed to go to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, Uruguay’s Pablo Cuevas ran up against that last one at Wimbledon on Monday. And it was not pleasant.

Cuevas had to go to the bathroom during a doubles match with partner Marcel Granollers against Jonny Marray and Adil Shamasdin. So at 8-9 in the 5th set—the tennis equivalent of extra innings—he asked French umpire Aurélie Tourte for a bathroom break. However, the rules state that you are only allowed two bathroom breaks per match, and Cuevas had already used his. Thus his request was denied.

That’s when things got crazy. One spectator claims to have witnessed Cuevas peeing into a ball can right there on the court using a towel for privacy, and Cuevas was issued a code violation for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

Marray and Shamasdin went on to win the final set 14-12. But afterward they played coy as to what actually happened out there.

“He got a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct,” said Shamasdin. “It was during a changeover and I guess it was something to do with a can or something, I really don’t know. I think it has something to do even with bathroom breaks, I’m not really sure.”

Wimbledon officials say Cuevas did not urinate in a ball can. However, they failed to shed light on what actually did happen. In all likelihood Ceuvas probably just threatened to pee in a ball can.

Interestingly, Marray actually came to Cuevas’ defense—not for possibly peeing into a can, but with regard to his request for a bathroom break.

“I think you should be allowed an extra toilet break if it goes to five sets,” he said. “Are you supposed to go before your own service game? I don’t know what the actual rule is. I think you should be allowed to go to the toilet. It’s deep in the fifth set. I went a couple of times.”

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