Is DeAndre Hopkins Dating Johnny Manziel Ex Colleen Crowley? Because That Would Be Awesome (Pic)

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Normally when a football player posts an Instagram pic of himself standing next to a gorgeous woman, you don’t think much of it. Football players hang out with hot chicks all the time. Maybe they’re dating, maybe they’re not. Nobody really cares.

This case is different. In this case, the football player is Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and the hot chick is Colleen Crowley, ex-girlfriend of former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. So naturally we have to assume DeAndre and Colleen are hooking up. Because that’s how the internet works. You see pictures and you jump to conclusions.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Johnny is a douchebag who beat the crap out of Colleen Crowley, and it probably bothers him to see his ex-girlfriend dating somebody who’s now more popular in Texas than he is. The only thing better than Crowley dating DeAndre Hopkins would be Crowley dating J.J. Watt, because they would be absolutely insufferable.

Anyway, about the photo. Apparently DeAndre Hopkins and Colleen Crowley were both in Malibu for the Fourth of July weekend. We don’t know if that was on purpose, or if it was just a coincidence. But he only posted three things on Instagram from the weekend. One is a photo of Hopkins pensively admiring the Pacific. One is a video of Hopkins working out. And one is a photo of himself and Houston native Crowley repping Houston with a couple of H signs.

Check it out:

H-town in Malibu @coll_crowley

A photo posted by @deandrehopkins on

Try beating her up now, Johnny.

Hat Tip – [Houston Chronicle]

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