Johnny Manziel Supposedly Begins Sobriety by Renting a Beverly Hills House

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We have every reason to be skeptical about Johnny Manziel‘s intentions toward getting sober. And we have even more reason to be skeptical of his commitment towards returning to the NFL. However, word is going around that the football fallen star has been sober since July 1st and is living in a new house in Beverly Hills to accommodate his sober lifestyle.

Now, one of the parties reporting this is his rental agency, LA Estate Rentals, on their social media pages, so it’s not quite hard evidence.  But maybe we can hold out hope that he’s going to be serious about turning a corner this time around.

Whether or not LA is the place to do that? Well, it’s hard to imagine a worse place to get sober. But with the right infrastructure, it’s possible.



Hat Tip – [Busted Coverage]