Kevin Durant on New Signature Shoe Price: ‘I’m Not an $88 Player’


Different team, different attitude for the newest Golden State Warriors forward, Kevin Durant.

The KD2 came out during his 2nd season in the NBA and they were priced at $88. Extremely affordable. Fast forward to the release of the KD9’s, with a price tag of $150.  It’s cheaper than the exceedingly steep $180 for last year’s KD8’s, but still a lot more expensive than $88.

Why so much money?  Allow Durant to explain:

“As humbly as I can say it, I’m not a $88 player. I’m an elite player in the league,” Durant responds. “I wanted everything to be affordable, but I knew we had to sacrifice some stuff. I just wanted the fans of the brand and of the shoe to just stay patient with me. And stay patient with who I am as a player, and the level I was trying to go to.”

Despite the rising price, Durant seems to think his shoes are still a bargain compared to other shoes on the market right now.

“You get a $250 shoe for like $150,” he joked.

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