The Yelp Page for Kevin Durant’s Restaurant Is Now Basically a Fan Message Board (Pics)

kd's southern cuisine

Did you know Kevin Durant owns a restaurant? Well he does. It’s called KD’s Southern Cuisine. And after the NBA superstar announced his decision to leave the Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors, the Yelp page for KD’s Southern Cuisine pretty much turned into a fan message board.

It started, as you would imagine, with Thunder fans who were bitter about Durant’s so-called ring chasing. They started posting thinly veiled one-star reviews. However, before long people dropped the pretense and just started ripping KD. Then Warriors fans started chiming in with glowing five-star reviews, most of which said something to the effect of, “Can’t wait to eat at the new Bay Area location.”

Of course, Yelp has an official policy against this sort of thing, so eventually the reviews will all be deleted. However, at time of writing they’re all still there. If I had to guess I’d say Yelp is just trying to enjoy the extra traffic while it lasts.

In any case, here’s a sampling of some of the recent reviews:

durant yelp reviews

durant yelp reviews 2

durant yelp reviews 3

durant yelp reviews 10

kevin durant yelp review 2

KD's Yelp reviews

durant yelp reviews 6

durant yelp reviews 4

durant yelp reviews 9

durant yelp reviews 8

durant yelp reviews 7

durant yelp reviews 5

KD's Yelp reviews 2

kevin durant yelp review 3

kevin durant yelp review

kevin durant yelp review 4

KD's Yelp reviews 4

KD's Yelp reviews 3

I hope Russell Westbrook doesn’t have a restaurant. If you think Thunder fans are salty now, just wait until that guy bolts.

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