Here’s Video Footage of the SWAT Team Raid on Home of Former NFL Player Davone Bess (Video)

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Last month former NFL player Davone Bess was arrested at his Arizona home after a bizarre standoff with police. This week more details have surfaced about the incident along with video footage of the SWAT team raid on his house.

As reported at the time, the whole thing started when Bess was pulled over for driving without his headlights on. Instead of stopping, he drove around in circles in a parking lot, made gun gestures with his hand, took off his shirt, then drove away. Police then punched his licence plate number into their system to determine his address. When he arrived home they were waiting for him. However, instead of submitted to arrest he barricaded himself inside.

During the ensuing standoff, Bess would occasionally stand at the window and put a knife to his throat. He also made a series of bizarre demands. Eventually his family came out of the house. After it was explained that Bess had a history of mental illness and may be suicidal, the SWAT team went in. Bess was eventually subdued by a police dog and arrested.

TMZ obtained body cam footage from the arrest, and it’s pretty insane. Take a look:

Even after the arrest, Bess’ bizarre behavior continued. According to the police report, while in custody Bess at one point demanded a hamburger and some K-Y jelly. (And no, we don’t have any idea what he intended to do with the latter.) Then he fell asleep while being questioned before eventually explaining that he fled the traffic stop because he was “searching for peace.”

Earlier that evening Bess’ mother told the police that he had been hospitalized earlier that week. Bess himself admitted to smoking week, drinking vodka, and taking anti-depressants before his run-in with the law.

Hopefully the court will force Bess to get the mental help he so obviously needs rather than sending him to an overpopulated prison.

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