Barry Bonds Sure Did Kill a Lot of Animals on His Hunting Trip to Africa (Pics)


If these pics are all part of Barry Bonds‘ PR plan to ingratiate himself back to the American people…he might want to reconsider.

The disgraced slugger recently went to Africa on a hunting trip, and from the looks of his Instagram feed, it was a successful trip for him. Less successful for the animals that he shot with rifles and a bow and arrow. The home run king took down an elk, a water buck, and something called a gemsbok.

And he looked pretty happy to have killed all three, by the looks of the pics below:

Lots of people ask me if I hunt and I say yes. #elkhunting

A photo posted by Barry L Bonds (@blbonds25) on

Water buck in Africa…

A photo posted by Barry L Bonds (@blbonds25) on

Bowed this gems buck in Africa..

A photo posted by Barry L Bonds (@blbonds25) on

If, for some weird reason, you wanted to see even more of the animals that Bonds has killed in the past few years, you can check out his Instagram feed here.

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