Watch: Heartbreaking Daniel Cormier Reaction to News that Jon Jones Failed His Drug Test (Video)

Watch daniel cormier reaction to news that jon jones tested positive

By failing a pre-fight drug test, Jon Jones didn’t just screw himself. He also screwed his opponent. Daniel Cormier trained hard to prepare for their fight at UFC 200. He was looking forward to the opportunity to advance his career and collect a big pay-day. By failing his drug test, Jones denied Cormier those opportunities.

Amazingly, the UFC had cameras rolling for their UFC 200 Embedded vlog series when Dana White broke the news to Cormier. As you would imagine, he was absolutely devastated.

Take a look:

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Of course, the UFC was able to find somebody to step in for Jones. On Thursday night they announced Anderson Silva will fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. But it’s not the same. In fact, from Cormier’s perspective it’s probably worse than not fighting at all. If he wins he gets nothing because it’s no longer a title fight. If he loses his brand is devalued because he lost to a guy below his weight class who fought on two days notice. The UFC won’t hold it against him. But paying fans will.

Let’s hope Cormier wins for his own sake.

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