Tour de France Cyclist Punches a Fan In The Face (Video)


If you want to see a grueling test of both physical and mental stamina, then watch the Tour de France. If competitive bicycling across a country isn’t your thing, we understand. It’s hot, unforgiving, and the last thing you want to deal with is a random super-fan interfering with you while you’re competing.

Chris Froome, who is the current leader of the Tour de France, had just about enough of this fan running beside him while he was trying to maintain his lead, so he punched him.


According to Cycling Weekly, Froome defended his actions after the match:

“I have absolutely nothing against the Colombian fans, I think they’re fantastic and they bring a great atmosphere to the race, but this guy in particular was running right next to my handlebars and he had a flag that was flying behind him. It was just getting dangerous, so I pushed him away and lashed out. It’s fantastic having so many fans out on the road, but please don’t run with the riders — it gets really dangerous for the guys behind.”

Froome also took to Twitter:


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