Cleveland Browns Are Now Selling Regular Season Tickets on Groupon, Which We Can All Agree Is a New Low


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Apparently now that Cleveland finally has a real champion in the Cavaliers, nobody wants to pay full price to watch the Browns be terrible at football in person. So the Browns marketing people are getting creative. And by creative I mean they are selling discounted tickets to regular season games on Groupon.

You know Groupon, right? It’s the website where you go to buy stuff at a discount. Two lattes for the price of one at the local café, or 30% off a family pass to the aquarium—stuff like that. It’s a great way for businesses to get new people in the door. But generally if things are going well you don’t need to sell stuff on Groupon.

Obviously, things have not been going well for the Browns since 1995. During that span, the Browns had a winning record twice and made the playoffs once, while finishing last in their division 14 times. Now they’re about to embark on yet another “new era” with Robert Griffin III, their 42nd starting quarterback since 1999.

Fans? They’re not excited! And apparently the Browns are having trouble selling tickets. So now they’re looking to Groupon. Right now you can get tickets to preseason games on August 18 and September 1 for as little as $19. Meanwhile, you can get tickets to regular season games on October 30 (Jets), November 27 (Giants), December 11 (Bengals), or December 24 (Chargers) for as little as $49.

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Now, the Browns are not the only team offering ticket deals on Groupon. Both the Steelers and Panthers are also offering packages. However, those are for preseason games only. The Browns are the only team selling regular season tickets at discounted rates.

Of course, you never know. RGIII might be awesome and lead the Browns to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years, making this Browns Groupon package a steal. But probably not.

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