Jon Jones Watched UFC 200 at a Vegas Sports Bar (Tweet)

If I had just ruined UFC 200 and pissed of millions of UFC fans by failing a drug test, I would probably want to lay low for a while. I certainly would not want to watch the pay-per-view event at a sports bar.

Not Jon “Bones” Jones. Apparently he just wanted to face the music. The fact that he had just ruined UFC 200 and pissed of millions of UFC fans did not prevent him from going to a local sports bar in Las Vegas on Saturday night and watching Daniel Cormier—the guy he was supposed to be fighting—hug it out with Anderson Silva instead.

In fact, judging from the photo he took with a fan, Jones was even in a pretty good mood:


As you may have noticed, there is no caption with this photo saying, “Hey, I saw Jon Bones Jones watching UFC 200 at a sports bar in Vegas.” Also, at time of writing the tweet has only been liked 11 times. So this might have some people wondering if it was really taken on Saturday night.

Well, on July 6 the guy in the photo with Jones tweeted that he was on his way to Vegas. On July 8 he tweeted that he was at the UFC 200 weigh-in. And on the evening of July 9 he started tweeting about UFC 200.

Also, if you zoom in on the TV in the background you can just barely make out a score at the bottom. It’s for a game between the Cubs and Pirates. And yes, the Cubs and Pirates did play on Saturday.

So yeah, I’m gonna say this photo is legit. Jon Jones really did watch UFC 200 at a Vegas sports bar.

Dude has no shame, apparently.

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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