Pepe Was So Excited to Win Euro 2016 that He Puked Right There on the Field (Video)


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Portugal probably didn’t expect to beat France in the Euro 2016 Final on Sunday. That’s not to say they were hopeless. They knew they had a chance because there’s always a chance. But they also had to know the odds were not in their favor before the game. And when Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the best player in the world, went down with a knee injury just 15 minutes into the game, they, just like the rest of us, probably figured they were screwed.

Of course, as it turns out they were not screwed. Portugal managed to keep France off the board for 108 minutes. And in the 109th substitute Antonio Eder scored the goal that won Portugal the European Championship.

Now, any time you win a major championship, you’re going to be thrilled. But when you win it after your back was up against the wall like that, well, the feeling can be overwhelming. And I don’t just mean mentally. I mean physically.

Just look at Portuguese midfielder Pepe. After the final whistle blew, he was so overcome that he just puked right there on the field:

Fortunately, Pepe got over his illness pretty quickly:

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I guess giant trophies are the best medicine.

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