Professional Crossfit Competitor Dresses Up as Old Man and Does Deadlifts at Muscle Beach (Video)

crofffit competitor dresses up as old man at venic muscle beach

You know those Pepsi commercials where Kyrie Irving dresses up like an old man and goes and schools a bunch of young whippersnappers in streetball? Well the video you’re about to see is like that. Only instead of Pepsi it’s Smith & Forge Hard Cider. And instead of Kyrie Irving it’s professional Crossfit competitor Kenneth Leverich. And instead of a basketball court he goes to Venice’s famed Muscle Beach and does deadlifts.

The effect is still the same, though. The bodybuilders and bystanders watch with their mouths agape as a guy who looks to be in his 80s starts performing feats of strength that would be impressive for the average a 25-year-old.

Of course, the other bodybuilders probably realized something weird was going on after the first lift. But they kept playing along because nobody wants to be the guy who tries to pull an old guy’s face off.

Take a look:

I don’t know what the hell that has to do with cider. It definitely does not make me want to drink. Go to the gym, maybe, but not drink. But hey, I’ve never heard of Smith & Forge Hard Cider before, and now I have. So I guess the video is a success in that regard.

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