Barkley Applauds Draymond Green For ‘Slapping The Hell Out of MSU DB Jermaine Edmondson (Video)

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On Sunday, Golden State warriors forward Draymond Green was arrested for assault and according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Evan Sernoffsky, Green smacked a taunting fan outside of a nightclub in East Lansing.

TNT sports analyst Charles Barkley saw no problem with Draymond using violence against a taunting fan as he may reference to while appearing on The Dan LeBatard Show.

Dan LeBatard: “..What did you think?”

Barkley: “Good for Draymond Green. These people, you and these other idiots in the press have given these fools power in Tweets to say anything they want to about these professional players. Yall read these fools tweets, yall make them feel like their opinion is important. Their opinion is important, it’s just not important to me.

“Yall have given these fans a voice where they think they can disrespect these players, because of the amount of money they make. So more power to Draymond for slapping the hell out of that kid.”

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