Pokemon Go: All 32 NFL Logos Designed As If They Were Pokémons (Pics)

You ready for another sports logo mashup? ‘Cause we’ve got Pokemon NFL logos for you.

The logos are not new. They were actually created by reddit user BKD2674 (clever name!) at least two years ago and were apparently inspired by a similar mashup of Pokemon NBA logos.

Why didn’t we do a post about the Pokemon NFL logos back then? Well, I cannot say for sure what our thinking was, but if I had to guess I’d say it was something along the lines of, “Should we do another Pokeman post? Naaaaah, that’s lame.”

Now, though, Pokeman are not lame. Everybody under the age of 30 is apparently obsessed with this Pokemon Go business, wandering the streets like zombies trying to catch fake Japanese cartoon animals with their cell phones. What better time to revisit Pokemon NFL logos, right?

So here they are. All 32 of them. Enjoy!